by Patrick Miller - Written by a real painter!!!

Software for Painting Contractors

Written by an Actual Painter

Painting ManUnlike all the other estimating programs out there, this program puts emphasis on the painter and what he really needs. You get everything you see for a one time cost of only $129.00. No subscription fees, No yearly renewals.

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Tools to Analyze your Data

The Paint Estimator has many tools so you can make good business decisions down the road. What works and what does not. From seeing where your referrals are coming from to seeing how much you are spending on your overhead. Keep time stamped notes on your employees. A progress page to see where are at on those large jobs. Are you ahead? behind?. And so much much more.


Great Looking Proposals

Painting Man Your customers will be impressed by the professional looking proposals you send them. The proposals are description based, meaning they are extremely easy for the customers to understand. Use your own logo, or use one of the stock logos. Export to PDF, Microsoft Word and Open Office.


Job & Appointment Scheduler

The Paint Estimator comes with a nice calendar to schedule your jobs, estimates and other appointments. New in the 2020 version is you can now sync with your Google Calendar. This is great for receiving notifications on your phone when you are out in the field.


As a painting contractor myself for over 25 years

Here’s a program that just simply makes sense

The Paint EstimtorA good portion of this program has been written off of my own personal experiences. I have been a painting contractor for over 25 years now and have performed close to 2000 estimates in that time frame. I also have many friends that are painting contractors as well. Talking with them and from my own experiences, I tried to put together a software program that most painters can relate to. Include the stuff you need and leave out the stuff you don't. There are several features that have been added to the program that were from people like you who use this software. I'm always open for feedback either good or bad. So if you ever have any ideas, let me know. I can't promise anything but will take a look and see. Just simply try it out and if it works, great, if not then no biggie. I know The Paint Estimator will not be for everyone.

So if you’re in the market for estimating software for your painting business, then you should give this a try. It does not take long to set up, and before you know it, you will be creating great looking proposals with accurate prices for your customers. There are many great features that this software has to offer. Track your progress as you move along in your jobs, track where your jobs are coming from, create change orders, work orders, employee reports and much more. One of the best things of all, is it’s a onetime fee. This means you will receive lifetime updates and support without having to pay again.

A few more things worth mentioning here. You will not receive daily BS Spam emails from me like other software company's out there. This is not a Online service where you have to pay monthly fees in order to use the program. You don't need to have Microsoft Word or Excel to use this program. All you need is computer with Windows 10 or higher operating system.

Core Features

  • Several different estimating methods
  • Export proposals to PDF, HTML, DOCX, RTF and OpenOffice files.
  • A nice looking invoice. Similar to Quickbooks format
  • Work Orders, Change Orders, Employee Reports, Time sheets, Terms and Conditions and a reference list that can be attached to your proposals.
  • A nice calendar where you can sync with your Google calendar
The Paint Estimator Program

And More!

  • Comes with a pre built material list that has most of the Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams product lines.
  • Production Rate Recorder where you can input what you did for the day and it will tell you the rate to charge in the future.
  • A customer database page where you can view all your estimates.
  • Progress page which let's you know how your doing on the current job. Are you ahead, behind, if so you might need to crack the whip on your guys a bit more
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The Paint Estimator has been around for over 10 years. It continues to get updated 2-3 times a year with new and improved features.

image For Microsoft Windows Only

Estimating Methods

More then one method to estimate your jobs.

By the Item, by the day, Time and Materials or production rates. Just click on one of the items below to learn more...

Oh yeah! A few more things worth mentioning!

Included when you purchase The Paint Estimator

Custom Services: Anytime you need help with something, Just send me an email and I will be happy to assist with any issues you might have!

Insert your own graphic logo

You can use your own logo or choose from one of the stock ones. If you need help, just let me know and I will modify your logo so it looks great.

Lifetime Support

As long as this program is around and active, you will get support if you every have any issues. This does not expire like others out there. Pretty cool, hey?

A one time fee of only $129.00

You will only have to pay once. You will receive all future updates, support and all else that comes with this program.
Unlike others out there.

Special Requests

If you ever have any suggestions or ideas, then please let me know. I can't promise anything but I will look into and see if I can add it the program for the next update.

Need another license?

If you every need another license for another computer, or you are installing on a new computer, then just let me know and I will be happy to send you one.

Have a Immediate Question?

If you have a question that is urgent, then just send me a email and I should be able to get right back with you. Unless I'm up on a ladder or something. Remember, I also paint for a living. Special Note: I'm in the Pacific Time Zone "California"

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