by Patrick Miller - Written by a real painter!!!

Estimating Methods "By the Day"

Estimating Methods by the Day

Read below to learn how to estimate by the day

About the day method

Estimating by the Day

Next method is the Day Method. This method is just how it sounds, it's by the day. Let's take a 3 bedroom interior that includes 3 bedrooms, a hallway, living room and a kitchen. NOTE: The day method has changed with the new version of this program, as there is no longer an option to use the day method when choosing the type of estimating methods. However, you can still use this method very easily

In this sample, we are going to lay everything out by what we are going to do each day. So we start with day 1, and try to come up with a plan on what we want to accomplish for that day. In the sample below, we are going to set things up, and spray the ceilings. Try to keep this realistic as to what you really can accomplish to what you would like to accomplish. Again, this to me is not really guessing as I would imagine this is not the first time you have painted an interior before. Then we just keep moving along till we are finished. This job should take us 4 days to complete.

  • Day 1 - Set up, lay drops and cover stuff, spray all ceilings.
  • Day 2 – Prep walls and paint walls
  • Day 3 – Should finish up painting walls and starting a little prep on the kitchen.
  • Day 4 – Roll walls and ceilings in kitchen and clean up.

Each day is 8 hours "Unless you change this in the company settings area" and if you selected 2 guys for this job that would be equal to 16 hours in a day (2* 8). This method kind of lets lay out what you want to accomplish each day. Again you are most likely going off prior results or similar jobs you have done in the past. The only difference is you are not measuring the walls and coming up with a price per Sqft.

Here is a screen shot of the day method. Unlike the older version of this program, the new version does not have a time column. So all you need to do is under the description column is simply type out "Day 1 - Setup and spray ceilings. Add this item, then Day 2 - and so on.

You must use the Free entry mode for this estimating method, and remember to use the number of employees you have working on this job. For example - you have two guys, so you would always enter 2 under the employees column.

This is probably one of the least methods painters use for estimating jobs, however I know there are some out there that use this method.