by Patrick Miller - Written by a real painter!!!

Screen Shots

A Few Screenshots for

The Paint Estimator

The Welcome screen , To see a larger image of all these screenshots just click on the image.

This is the Main Page , this is where you will be coming up with your prices.

As you move along in a job, it only takes just a few minutes each day to update the hours worked and materials purchased.

As you move along the with the project, The Progress Page will let you know where you stand with your estimate. Let's you know if you are behind or ahead of schedule.

Here's where you will be creating your Proposals and Invoices .

Here you will see some general information for all your Jobs and Customers . Profits, losses, a few Reports, Totals for the year.

After you create your proposal and hit the proposal button, the preview windows will show something like this. From here you can email as PDF , save as PDF or save as Microsoft Word Document.

The Invoice Preview Form . Can export to PDF, RTF and Microsoft Word Document.

Work Order form preview.