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Support And FAQs

Support And FAQs Page

System Requirements, and a few Questions and Answers

General questions
Unfortunately, there are no versions for the Mac’s. As of this writing, there are no plans either. I just simply do not own a mac or have ever owned a Mac. Last time I was on a Mac, was when my dad had an apple ll plus back in the early 80’s.
No plans at all, there are tab's out there like the Surface Pro that run the full version of windows
At least 2 times a year, sometimes more. These are major updates. There are minor updates throughout the year.
Existing Customers
No. Just download and install the program, then send me your personal id number that can be found by starting the program. clicking the help menu, then registration. The registration form will show. You will see this number on the right. Copy and send that to me so I can send your new license.
Yes, not a problem. Just send me the personal id number for the different computer.
Yes. Pay once and you will receive all future updates for free.
I will do everything I can to help you out. You must remember that this is not my primary job. I'm a painting contractor just like yourself. I generally will have time at least once a day to check any issues people might have.
New Customers
I can only refund your money if I have not already sent the license. After I sent the license all sales are final. The 5 day trial is for you to try out the program and see if it works for you. If not, no big deal.
Yes, just send me your personal id number by starting the program, click yes to the expire nag, the registration form will show. You will see this number on the right. Please copy and send me this number for me to send you a temporary license.