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What's New in

What's New In Version

Here are just a few things that are new in this version


Hourly Wage Feature

Where you can adjust the company profit percentage by using a hourly wage per man

Starting with version - The Paint Estimator now comes with a method to adjust the company profit percentage by using an hourly wage. What this means is say you want to charge the customer $45.00hr per man. Just enter $45.00 in the box below the employees on the estimating page, click the update button and the company profit will adjust to reflect this wage.

To see how this works, check out the image below. Our original hourly wage was $37.97 with a company profit percentage set at 15%. When we entered $45.00 in the hourly wage box, and clicked the button, you can now see that the company profit percentage increased to 36.28%" What this means is we are charging the customer $45.00 per man. This $45.00 includes the actual wages, the overhead and the company profit

You can also adjust the company profit percentage to change the hourly wage.

Another feature of the hourly wage, is when you perform an estimate later on by using this customer with the same address it will ask you if you still want to use the hourly wage you charged the last time. Note this will only work on estimates created from version and later. Also you must choose the customer from the "Existing Customers" drop down box

If you perform and estimate using the Existing Customers dropdown box, and you selected a customer with the same address that you did an estimate in the past then you will see the hourly wage box appear asking if you would like to use the same wage you did before. Again this is only for estimates that you created from version and on.

For the existing users, if you are wondering where the two buttons are that were originally under the employees, "Update Employees" and "Open the Employee Form" They have been moved to the Options menu right next to the employees.

Hopefully you find this feature helpful. If you have any questions at all, please let me know at:

Estimating Methods

Estimated Job Hours

Added a box in the details section that show the estimated job hours

Note: if you open up an estimate that was created prior to version, this value will be set at 0. To update, just simply click on up arrow on the company profit percentage and then back down.

New Icon

Use Your System Colors

Match the program with your computers colors

You can now match the system colors you have set in windows. This is only available for the themes "WXI", "Basic", and "Bezier" Just turn this on by checking the box, and it should match the system colors you have set in windows. Note, when turning off, you will have to restart the program. Also a restart might be needed when changing themes as well.

To access this feature, click the view button at the top, then select program settings. one the left of the program settings form, click user settings, then scroll down to "Windows Accent Colors". To bring up your computer windows colors, right click anywhere on your desktop and select personalize, then select colors. You will see something similar like the image below.

New Icon

Round Up Total Job Days

Where you can round up the total days to an even or full day

Now there is an easy way to round up the total job days, say for example you finished your estimate, and the total job days = 1.3098 and you say, let's just make it an even 2 days. Just click the Hourly Calculator button on the main estimating page, then click the round up button. You should see something like this.

You can see that we need to input the value that's in the result box into our estimate. See below image for the example

Hopefully you find some of these new features helpful. If you have any questions at all, please let me know at: