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News Date: 7/7/2020

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I just wanted to start off by saying; I’m really excited about this new release “The Paint Estimator V2”. I have been working on this for the last 20 months or so. Took a few breaks now and then but It’s finally ready. Many might ask why not just keep improving the older version of this program? The main reason is many of the controls that were used in the older version are no longer being updated by the developer. This was one of the main reasons I decided to start from scratch. Also starting from scratch let me easily add the features that people have been requesting for so long. 

Unfortunately the new version is not compatible with the older version. My plans at the beginning were to make it 100% compatible, but soon I started to realize that it just won’t be possible due to the new features that I wanted to add. For those who were paid users of the old program, I will make sure it’s still available for you to download. I will not be updating it anymore as I will spend my time adding new features to the new version. I have been using the new version basically since May of 2019 and really like it. I took the owner out of the new version and replaced it with the Company. The new version is laid out in a similar way as the old version so hopefully it won’t take you long to get the grasp of the things.

If at any time you ever have any questions, just shoot me an email at Here are just some of the new features “In no specific order”

Just some of the new features

  • Removed the owner and replaced with Company
  • Use either the Imperial or Metric system "Beta"
  • Comes with Sherwin Williams materials list
  • Be able to add staff members that are not painters
  • The ability to change the default working hours in a day - default is 8
  • Use sub-contractors in your estimate
  • New Calendar where you can sync with Google Calendars
  • Be able to disable or enable workers comp for each employee
  • Be able to set yearly hours for each employee - Great for that summer help
  • Many more themes for the program
  • Improved Job Hours and Materials page to provide much more details
  • A new expense register that lets you track all expenses for your business
  • Be able to print labels for left over cans using your own printer and Avery labels
  • Added a rental category to the materials fields
  • Improved file sharing for when your company uses more than one computer
  • Added an exterior calculator similar to the interior room calculator
  • Be able to add profit to materials purchased
  • Be able to add Credit Card fees to your estimates.
  • Improved Job Scopes to create proposals faster